The stories of my mind are like
Growing darkness, bursting light,
Flitting shadows, rumored wars,
Soaring clouds, and plunging stars.
Battle raging in my mind,
What will I do with you?
You take up energy and time;
I don’t know what to do!
Powerful warlords and dragons fierce;
Delicate dryads a breeze could pierce;
A kingdom of merfolk beneath the sea;
An army of centaurs roaming free;
Ghosts and goblins and fearsome things
That lurk in the shadows that morning brings;
Unicorns, fairies, and warriors of light
That withstand the darkness and put it to flight—
Fictional worlds flicker round my head
When I’m awake and when I’m in bed.
As I am dreaming the two worlds merge:
The one, my real life; the other, just words.
These stories that I love so well
Ensnare all of my time
And keep my mind enthralled
In all the space I set aside
For study or for times of prayer—
O Battle of the mind!
The stories seem the pleasanter,
But work redeems the time!