In another world, beneath a great white throne,
A holy seraph keeps a Book of Tears.
In this book are stories, telling of human sorrows,
Of great grief, weeping, and secret fears.

No tear a person sheds is lost, and no cry goes unheard;
Each mournful word is written in the book.
No grieving soul can hide, no wounded child is lost—
Not when God’s angels know just where to look.

I try to understand—Christ loves mankind like this?
I wonder how much more He must love me.
To love the broken so, to keep records of their tears . . .
What more has He done that I have not seen?

So though my grief is great, though sorrow holds me fast,
I will not fall away in the coming years.
My help is from the Lord; my comfort is assured:
My name is written in the Book of Tears.