It’s funny how often we as humans enclose God within a little capsule of impossibility.  

Even without knowing it, we are constantly making assumptions about God. We look at a person, situation, or our own selves and think…

“There’s no way.”

“He/she will never change.”

“No good can come of this.”

“Things will only ever get worse.”

Covid-19. Quarantine.

Divorce. Diagnoses.

Forever goodbyes.

Aren’t these the planks of wood we lay one atop another to construct that box? Don’t we get out a hammer of uncertainty and pound nails of doubts into those planks? Can’t we hear those pounding reverberations echo even now?

But something I have been learning (and please, Lord, keep teaching me!) is that—

God does not fit.

God does not fit into that box.

Who knows the names of all the glittering jewels up in that black felt of sky (Psalms 147:4)?

Who spoke the world into existence (Genesis 1:3)?

God did. You know it. I do too.

For me, though, sometimes knowing these truths about God confuses me even more. Because in my mind, I know that God is able. I know this! So, I lift my eyes to the heavens, I gaze upon those stars, and I bask in the sunlight—praising God for them, yes! But also questioning Him. How many times have I talked to Him and said: “God, I know that you can;I just don’t know if you will”? Have you ever been there? I sort of chuckle as I write this, knowing that I cannot answer that age-old question. Knowing full well that I struggle with those thoughts even now. But I do know…

That even angels do not fully understand everything about our God (1 Peter 1:12).

That His ways and thoughts are infinitely higher than our own (Isaiah 55:9).

That He makes all things beautiful in His time (Ecclesiastes 3:11).

That no one will ever truly know the work that God is doing “from beginning to end” (Ecclesiastes 3:11).

And I don’t understand God. I cannot fully understand Him—ever! But what if…What if I could? What if we could understand and fully know all the ways of our God? Then tell me, what kind of God would He be? One so finite as to be grasped by a human mind. One so shallow that an ignorant human could understand Him.

Wouldn’t that be the kind of God who could fit into a little box of doubts?

He knows that we cannot fully understand Him, but thankfully, He did not include understanding Him as a prerequisite for trusting Him. He does, however, ask us to seek Him (II Chronicles 7:14). And He promises that if we seek Him with our whole heart, we will find Him (Jeremiah 29:13).

We can get there! We can learn to trust in God. Not by understanding all the occurrences, tragedies, and heartaches of this world. But by getting to know God.

Our Rock will not sink in a mire of uncertainty.

Our Shepherd will not get lost on the path He leads us on.

God is a great tear-catcher (Psalm 56:8) and a wonderful heart-soother (John 14:27); and He can help us trust Him.

So, friends, we can live this life with a box in our minds. Constructed of doubts, forged in uncertainty, and fixated in our hearts with hopelessness. But I will let you know something.

That box is empty.

And Hallelujah for our knowable and yet unfathomable, unboxable God.