I sat and watched a long black cat

With eyes of smoldering gold

She paced along a crumbling wall

A restless hunter’s prowl.

Then sprawled she in the sunlight’s warmth,

Her tail and ears a-twitch.

I saw inside her fiery eyes

A goddess clothed in flame


Then lightly came a long white cat

With grace in every step

She curled beside the black-fur one

A queen upon her throne

With tilted head of ruffled fur

She wore such elegance

I saw inside her storm grey eyes

A goddess clothed in rain.


Enshrouded in these four-foot queens

I suddenly could see

Where Chaos in her majesty

Met cooling, calm Serene.

I saw the worlds these two had crossed

The bloodied battlefields;

I saw the change brought in their steps,

The war left in their wake.


And then the black one tucked her head

Beneath the white one’s chin.

I saw where lightning meets the plain,

Where sun bathes in the sea.

No enmity between these two –

These goddesses of Change –

But only love of opposites:

The way the yin loves yang.